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A Yoruba girl
Year: 1969
Dimensions: 120.0cm X 75.8cm
Location: Imabari-city Ohmishima Museum of Art

1969 Yoruba Girl.jpg

I submitted this painting to the 24th Spring Inten Exhibition. In those days, I was busy making my living by teaching art classes at junior high schools, high schools and preparatory schools. I also used to have drawing classes for children at my house. However, I still had a lot of spare time to draw paintings and I was submitting 4 to 5 paintings to the Spring Inten Exhibitions.

This is a painting of an African girl, and the background is that of an African savanna. From the painting, you can see that I am still drawing imaginary sceneries that I did during my student days. This is one of the paintings in which I was trying out all sorts of techniques. However, a different painting of mine was selected at the exhibition and this one was not selected.

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