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1992 Remembering India - Mist.jpg

Remembering India: Mist

1993 Light filtering through branches.jpg

Light filtering through branches

1994 Through the window on  journey - Canal.jpg

Through the window on a journey – Canal

1995 S-shaped gorge.jpg

Kurobe S-shaped gorge

1996 Sailing out.jpg

Sailing out

1997 Sluice.jpg


1998 Dock.jpg


1999 Through the window on a journey - rear window.jpg

Through the window on a journey: rear windows

1999 Road through buring sand.jpg

Road through burning sand

2000 Witnesses of timeⅡ.jpg

Witnesses of time II

2001 Snow Scape.jpg


2002 Trough the window on a journey - moment.jpg

Through the window on a journey: A moment

2002 Passing of time.jpg

Passage of time

2003 Glory.jpg


2004 Cedar Trees.jpg

Cedar Trees

2004 Passing of time.jpg

Passing Year

2004 Everlasting mother earth - Radiance.jpg

Everlasting mother earth: Radiance

2005 Morning of departure.jpg

Morning of departure

2005 Season of verdure.jpg

Season of verdure


Kou I

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