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Aokigahara, a sea of trees
Aokigahara, Yamanashi, Japan
Year: 1969
Dimensions: 162.0cm X 228.0cm
Location: Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art

1969 Aokigahara A sea of trees.jpg

On my return from Africa, I spent a month travelling all over Italy by myself. After spending ten months in Africa, entering Italy the World's Kingdom of Arts was very inspirational. So by the time I was about to return to Japan, I found myself desperate to paint Japanese paintings.

After returning to Japan, I kept painting the sketches that I had made in Africa. But expression wise, I believe I had a strong sense of Japanese styled paintings.

The reason why I suddenly wanted to paint Aokigahara is because I wanted to paint the most typical Japanese scenery. This painting gave me a huge opportunity and left me with different kinds of memories.

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